SPAIX 5 Mobile

With Spaix 5 Mobile, the multi-platform concept for the Spaix Sales Software range for the pump industry is complemented. The mobile solution is especially suitable on the go, for instance on business trips, at trade fairs or for situations in which a fast solution for a certain application case is needed. The selection is done quickly without a computer by using a smartphone. The created projects are stored in a central database which enables to edit the project later on with the Web or Desktop version by different employees, optimizing the sales process immensely.

Spaix 5 Mobile provides the essential functionality of the standard version and can be used with iPhone and iPad as well as on mobile devices with Android systems. All platforms have a consistent appearance due to the possibility to adjust the user interface of the app to the Spaix 5 design.

One database for all platforms (desktop, web and mobile version, webservice)

New intuitive operating concept

Multilingual interface

Reversable unit system

Compatibility with the common mobile platforms

Pump Selection

The user-specific data stored in the database is linked to predefined selection parameters and calculation methods in order to select suitable pumps according to the user’s specification. To select the right pump, the user can choose between various pump selection procedures.

  • Hydraulic selection via duty point
  • Direct product selection via series description
  • Product search

The hydraulic selection allows the sizing and configuration of pumps according to the operating conditions such as area of application, fluid, flow rate and head. A large number of different fluids are included in the standard version of the database. It is also possible to add fluid data. The sizing is possible as single pump, as parallel circuit or series connection of several pumps of the same pump type.

Furthermore, the program enables the direct pump selection via the area of application, the series description as well as the pump type. If a user is looking for a certain type of pump, the product search is the fastest option. Only a part of the product description as well as the item number are required for the product search.

Curve Calculation

The pump curves are automatically calculated by the software to match the respective operating conditions. The desired viscosity conversion method can be selected separately for each duty chart in the database and can also be deactivated, if desired. The following procedures for highly viscous Newtonian fluids are available in Spaix 5:

  • Hydraulic Institute (ANSI/HI 9.6.7) of 2010
  • Hydraulic Institute 14th Edition
  • Procedure for side channel pumps (SIHI publication “Basic Principles for the Design of Centrifugal Pump Installations”; 7th enlarged and revised edition, 2003) (additional module)

All curve adjustments depending on the pumps configuration, such as magnetic couplings, shaft seals, devaluation factors for multistage pumps or for speed regulations are available in the mobile application as well.

Project Management

After the selection, the result can be saved as project. Finished projects can be saved as PDF files. The results can be shared via e-mail or WhatsApp using the App.

Due to the central project database it is possible to edit the project in Spaix 5 Desktop or Spaix 5 Web.

The project management gives an overview of all projects and enables to edit or delete them. The projects are viewed depending on the settings or the most current projects.