VSX Supports arche noVa’s Relief Efforts in Flood Areas

Heavy rainfall has caused severe devastation and even claimed lives in large parts of Germany. The aid organization, arche noVa, is on mission in the disaster areas together with the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), providing direct aid on site. Quick support for those affected by the floods is particularly important, which is why VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE has arranged for an immediate donation to the Dresden-based organization.

To be able to provide effective help, the organization has already released 50,000 euros from its reserves for flood relief. In addition, numerous donations have already been received. Following the emergency aid, these will primarily be used for longer-term measures focusing on reconstruction.

“Experience has taught us that especially small associations and civil society organizations often struggle for years with the consequences of such a disaster and are not sufficiently equipped to repair all the damage,” says Mathias Anderson, Executive Director of arche noVa. “This is where we want to contribute our expertise and provide targeted support to those affected.”

Expertise in Reconstruction

In its flood relief project after the severe floods in 2013, arche noVa supported more than 120 non-profit and municipal institutions in Saxony, Bavaria and the Czech Republic in their reconstruction. To be able to work again as soon as possible, associations, kindergartens and other institutions received help in applying for funding and in planning reconstruction measures. Finally, arche noVa took over the financing of the facilities’ own resources, without which many of them would not have been able to cope with the flood damage. The entire project ranged from emergency relief and cleanup to psychosocial aftercare, reconstruction and flood prevention.

“Supporting people who are facing the ruins of their existence due to the flood is a special concern for us,” explains Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – Vogel Software. “We still remember the damage caused by the 2002 floods in Dresden and the surrounding area, and we know what such masses of water can do. Of course, we are helping now, just as we were helped at that time. The VSX immediate donation has already arrived at arche noVa, and we have called on our employees to donate again.”

For more information, visit www.arche-nova.org.


About arche noVa
arche noVa is a humanitarian organization from Dresden that has been supporting people in need for over two decades; provides long-term development cooperation and implements educational projects. Founded in 1992 by a group of committed people who organized a transport of relief goods to Iraqi Kurdistan, arche noVa today focuses on WASH projects that combine the three components of water, sanitation and hygiene in various contexts. More than 844 million people worldwide lack a safe water supply and nearly one third of the world’s population lives without adequate sanitation facilities, with significant threats to their health and development. Therefore, arche noVa ensures sufficient and safe water supply, sanitation and context-appropriate hygiene measures in regions affected by natural disasters, crises and poverty.


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