SPAIX 5 Introduction Video Series

In order to give our customers a deeper insight into the various features of Spaix we have started the Spaix 5 Introduction Video Series. The videos explain different features or program functionalities clearly and easy to understand. The Spaix 5 Introduction Video Series is constantly being updated so that there will be more videos displayed here in the future.

Spaix 5 Overview

Users can choose between the hydraulic selection, the direct product selection and optionally the search for the article number or the description. New in Spaix 5 is the QuickSearch, right on the main screen, which enables users to find the right pump faster. 

Spaix QuickSearch

Spaix 5 enables the quick and simple sizing of pumps by entering the desired duty point right on the main screen. After entering the Q-H value as well as the rated frequency, the relevant series are already limited and relevant keywords are offered for further filtering. The relevant pump records are displayed without any intermediate steps, with the same functionalities as in the hydraulic selection.

Spaix 5 PipeCalc

Spaix PipeCalc offers support when it comes to friction loss calculation. On the basis of predefined parameters, the program determines the friction loss for unbranched systems as well as the flow rate according to official international standards.

Spaix PumpExchanger

The Spaix PumpExchanger allows the pump exchange by linking old pumps to current pump models. the user receives one or more suggestions for new pumps, which can be directly selected and configured. The performance curves of old and new pumps can be directly visualized and compared in the diagram.

Motor Sizing

This video shows an introduction in the Hydraulic Selection including configuration options as well as the influence of motors on curves and the calculation of specific values based on motor data.

Frequency Converter

During the hydraulic selection the user is offered the possibility to adapt the speed using frequency converters. As a result of an automatic speed adaption the program automatically selects the allocated frequency converter and displays the respective duty chart.

Spaix NfpaSizer

This module is used for the sizing of fire-fighting pump systems according to NFPA 20 including verification of NFPA 20 limits during the selection process, marking of NFPA 20 specific points in the diagram, automatic curve cutting according to runout head and motor sizing to cover the curve range until 1.5 Q.

Spaix 5 Mobile

Spaix Mobile is especially suitable on the go, for instance on business trips, at trade fairs or for situations in which a fast solution for a certain application case is needed. The selection is done quickly without a computer by using a smartphone. The created projects are stored in a central database which enables to edit the project later on with the Web or Desktop version by different employees.