Spaix 5 Overview

Users can choose between the hydraulic selection, the direct product selection and optionally the search for the article number or the description. New in Spaix 5 is the QuickSearch, right on the main screen, which enables users to find the right pump faster. 

Spaix QuickSearch

Spaix 5 enables the quick and simple sizing of pumps by entering the desired duty point right on the main screen. After entering the Q-H value as well as the rated requency, the relevant series are already limited and relevant keywords are offered for further filtering. The relevant pump records are displayed without any intermediate steps, with the same functionalities as in the hydraulic selection.

Spaix 5 PipeCalc

Spaix PipeCalc offers support when it comes to friction loss calculation. On the basis of predefined parameters, the program determines the friction loss for unbranched systems as well as the flow rate according to official international standards.

Spaix PumpExchanger

The Spaix PumpExchanger allows the pump exchange by linking old pumps to current pump models. the user receives one or more suggestions for new pumps, which can be directly selected and configured. The performance curves of old and new pumps can be directly visualized and compared in the diagram.

Spaix SpareSelector

The add-on Spaix SpareSelector provides a powerful platform for the search and selection of spare parts, which can be carried out independent of the product via the catalog selection or dependent of a selected pump or unit. In addition, the program also offers the user the possibility of direct selection by entering the item number or spare part description.

Spaix TurbinePumpSizer

The calculation module Spaix TurbinePumpSizer considers the pressure losses in the rising pipe as well as the power losses of the bearing frame while sizing and dimensioning vertical line shaft pumps, including the sizing of the drive as well as the required components.

Spaix TestnormConverter

The Spaix TestnormConverter allows the conversion of the pump performance curve to another acceptance tolerance. Furthermore, the conversion factor is defined for each pump model to upgrade the curve according to the BEP.

Spaix EngineSizer

The Spaix EngineSizer is used for the selection and configuration of pumps driven by a combustion engine, which makes it ideal for the design of aggregates where no electrical connection is available or cannot be used for availability reasons. Possible applications range from construction site use through watering tasks in agriculture up to fire protection systems. The supplementary program is indispensable for pumps that are available with different motor variants.