As of now, a selection of special centrifugal pumps by Bungartz has been included in the PumpSelector. The successful pumps for the individual industrial sectors are available for selection, configuration and customer requests. This exceptional delivery program significantly expands the range of centrifugal pumps on offer. Moreover, the latest release has brought along further functional enhancements to the Internet portal.  

The special centrifugal pumps manufactured by Bungartz are in worldwide use. The dry-run safe pumps are applied for difficult and complex pumping tasks that cannot be handled by standard pumps. Typical application areas include the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as power plant engineering and environmental protection. The pumps’ key features in handling toxic, explosive or boiling liquids are outstanding safety, increased availability and favorable life cycle costs.

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Bungartz, who manages PAUL BUNGARTZ GMBH & CO. KG in the third generation, welcomes the new sales channel and remarks: “By offering this possibility for pump selection, we meet customer requirements. Since the sizing of the hydrodynamic seal can only be individually adapted to the process, it is advisable to involve our sales partners.” The MOR/UMOR (with hydrodynamic sealing) and MPCH (with dry-running magnetic coupling) series are already included in the selection program and can be selected with immediate effect.

“We are pleased to have won Bungartz also for our cross-manufacturer PumpSelector on,” comments Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH, the operator of the Internet portal. “Our companies have had an extremely successful business relationship in the field of Spaix pump selection software for many years, characterized by joint cooperation to optimize the program for special pumps. I am therefore all the more pleased that we are now expanding and deepening this relationship, and providing further added value for users of the PumpSelector.”

Apart from that, the latest release of the Internet portal has brought out the upstream category selection, which allows for different parameters for pump selection depending on the area of application. Currently, pumps from the areas of heating, water supply and irrigation, wastewater and sewage transport, drainage and industry are available. For more information, visit and

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